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When I found myself
in my silence,
the deep word
in my life is like an abyss.
From “L’Allegria” / Giuseppe Ungaretti

Monica presents to us (not represents to us) her search, her path toward the written word, and toward the word that is cried out in silence, which only speaks through colour. 
Objects, books, pages like arms, a corpus written with words that say, that conceal themselves, that become explicit through the implicit, signs that step one upon the other; the ambiguity is present showing the time they share, proclaiming the idea of the palimpsest. East – West … they do not contradict each other, both views live together amazed, words that born and die unanimously . Double identity.
From this reading we cannot obviate the east in Monica’s view, her nearness to the Hiduism, creating in this way a different weft, a new warp that imprisons the reasoned word of our culture. New signs that cherish and embrace themselves, destroy themselves with tenderness … her new grafema borns. 

Books that are not read. Books that are lived. 
In Monica’s studio there are not only paintbrushes and colours, mainly there are ideas, flushing lights, full of words that sweetly suit in her pictures, woods, papers. Ideas of color, energy, strength. In her pictures the word remain silent,  spreading in her liric vorticismo a silent shout, that attract us and also expel us.
Her art does not end in the support, it continues, it continues in the white of the walls, it arrives to our eyes and catch our soul, making us the frame, and holding the cry.
In Time of Times the view became long and wide, it dared to stir up other times, but we know there is only one Time, Now, that constantly flows. It is impossible to keep it still.
Let us get caught up and let’s mix up the senses in a playful way, smelling the wind, looking at a sound, crying a tear, touching with the glance, reading a flower, and let’s reflect with the mind, this sixth sense that rules the body and the soul. 

Lic. Salvina Sollima de Tamborini / Lic. en Historia del Arte / 1998